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[Training] Video Belajar Bikin Aplikasi Android

Posted: 06 Nov 2012 02:18 PM PST
bagi sobat blogger mau belajar bikin aplikasi android,
silahkan sedot vidio training berbayar dari Gratis!!
Dengan Durasi 7 jam 13 menit

klau kuat download monggo.. klau gk kuat jgn salahkan saya :P






Video Tersebut mengajarkan beberapa beragam:

Introduction 11m 18s

  • Welcome 47s  
  • Using the exercise files 48s  
  • What you should know 1m 29s  
  • Updates to Android Development Toolkit 8m 14s 

1. Getting Started 28m 19s

  • Installing the SDK tools on a Windows machine 4m 12s  
  • Installing the SDK tools on a Mac 1m 32s  
  • Installing platforms and samples 3m 11s  
  • Creating an Android Virtual Device (emulator) 5m 46s  
  • Installing Eclipse on a Mac 2m 50s  
  • Installing Eclipse on a Windows machine 3m 56s  
  • Installing the Android Development Tools 4m 43s  
  • Preparing an Android device for development 2m 9s 

2. Android App Fundamentals 1h 24m

  • Overview of Android development 8m 51s  
  • Understanding project creation and structure 9m 44s  
  • Working with the AndroidManifest.xml file 4m 27s  
  • Creating and managing activities 16m 17s  
  • Using explicit intents 10m 15s  
  • Using implicit intents 8m 45s  
  • Creating and using resources 9m 47s  
  • Understanding security and permissions 7m 2s  
  • Debugging an app 9m 6s 

3. The User Interface and Controls 50m 55s

  • Understanding units and layout 7m 11s  
  • Using layout managers 7m 7s  
  • Working with text controls 7m 15s  
  • Building button controls 6m 34s  
  • Building list controls 7m 12s  
  • Building custom list layouts 12m 20s  
  • Other interesting controls 3m 16s 

4. Graphics and Styling 28m 1s

  • Creating and using styles 7m 36s  
  • Creating and using themes 4m 56s  
  • Creating icons 7m 20s  
  • Creating NinePatch drawables 8m 9s  

5. Supporting Multiple Screens 11m 26s

  • Understanding screen size and density 6m 19s
  • Providing alternate layouts 5m 7s      

6. Animation and Graphics 25m 59s

  • Setting up frame-by-frame animation 8m 56s  
  • Showing tween animation 10m 22s  
  • Working in 2D graphics 6m 41s    

7. Menus and Dialogs 33m 19s

  • Setting up options menus 8m 50s  
  • Building context menus 7m 16s  
  • Building alert dialogs 7m 4s  
  • Setting up progress dialogs 5m 11s  
  • Creating custom dialogs 4m 58s 

8. Notifications and Toast 15m 18s

  • Displaying status bar notifications 12m 0s  
  • Displaying toast notifications 3m 18s   

9. Working with Media 17m 10s

  • Setting up audio playback 4m 0s  
  • Establishing video playback 5m 11s  
  • Accessing the camera and camera roll 7m 59s    

10. Preferences and Data Storage 43m 35s

  • Using shared preferences 8m 41s  
  • Creating a preferences activity 9m 4s  
  • Using the SQLite database 8m 47s  
  • Setting up network access 10m 25s  
  • Using ContentProviders 6m 38s    

11. Locations and Maps 24m 45s

  • Incorporating Google Maps 14m 1s  
  • Using GPS to find the current location 10m 44s    

12. Creating a Home Screen Widget 34m 24s

  • Creating a simple home-screen widget 17m 14s  
  • Creating a widget configuration activity 17m 10s  

13. Publishing Your App 18m 51s

  • Preparing for publishing 4m 3s  
  • Signing and building 3m 32s  
  • Preparing the graphics 3m 34s  
  • Publishing to the Android Market 7m 42s  

Conclusion 6m 18s

  • Using the SDK samples 2m 30s  
  • More useful resources 3m 48s  

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