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Guest Book From Ardguest

Ardguest is a simple guestbook script that uses a flatfile to store messages, so you don't need any database like MySQL or PostgreSQL. It's suitable for anyone who need a guestbook that can be setup quickly. Features : multi-pages display, ability to delete unwanted entries, checking for required field warning messages for missing fields, mail notification when someone signed the guest book, image verification code and spam filter words. Support for both Windows and UNIX/Linux web hosting.

- PHP 4 or above with session support enabled and GD library (optional). For a list of PHP hosting providers which support PHP 4 and above you can check out WHS for the most reliable reviews.

How to install
Open index.php with your favorite text editor and change some of the variables so that the script does what you want it to. They should be sufficiently documented in the program file.
Make a directory on your server where you want to put the script, eg. guestbook
Upload index.php (the guestbook script), image.php (image code generator), ardgb18.dat (guestbook data file), and spamwords.dat (spam words data file) to a directory in ASCII mode.

Chmod ardgb18.dat to 666 (Unix/Linux only), to make the data file writeable or you will get writing permission error.

Upload all icons file in binnary mode.

This code is provided As Is with no warranty expressed or implied. I am not liable for anything that results from your use of this code. You can distribute this freely provided the header and the readme file. This code is free for both commercial or non commercial use, as long as both the link to ardguest website and the ad's code that supported Ardguest are left intact. If you want to remove the links, you must purchase a lisence (US$18 per website). Please click here for more information.

Click "Download ArdGuest" to begin download the guestbook script. You only need to click it once. Ardguest is only about 10 kb in size. It is an extremely fast download.
- Download ArdGuest 1.8
- Download ArdGuest 1.8 (mirror site) provided by 9Sites Web Directory

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