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10 Twitter Tools that Help You Work Smarter

Due to the extreme popularity of TwiTip’s “10 Twitter Tools that Help You Work Smarter” post, we’re proud to present 10 MORE must have Twitter tools to help you get more done with less!  This post is by guest author Sherice Jacob (follow her @sherice), a web designer, copywriter and author of Get Niche Quick!
If you loved our 10 Twitter Tips that Help You Work Smarter, you’ll find our newest list of even more “must have” Twitter services and plugins even better! Special thanks to fellow TwiTip readers whose suggestions were invaluable in helping us create the latest list. It was difficult to narrow it down to just ten, but here they are!
1. HootSuite – Streamlined Twitter account management from one clean, user-friendly interface is yours when you use HootSuite. In addition to being able to manage multiple Twitter accounts and profile from one application, you can also schedule tweets, track clicks to your links (using HootSuite’s URL shortening service) and get an entire overview of each Twitter account with easy tab-based navigation.

2. TweetChannel – Confused by #hashtags in Twitter?  You shouldn’t be after reading this tutorial but if you’d like an easier way to send your tweets to a specific audience, you’ll want to check out Tweet Channel, a simplified, user-friendly interface to working with hashtags. See the most popular channels as well as the newest created channels directly from the Tweet Channel website.

3. Tweet2Tweet – What ARE they talking about? With Tweet2Tweet, you can see the @replies between any two people in just minutes. Keep up on any conversation instantly. Just enter both screen names on Tweet2Tweet to see the results in reverse chronological order (most recent entries first).

4. TwitterSnooze – TwitterSnooze provides a very valuable (and free) service. If you follow someone who’s rather…”talkative” you can temporarily “snooze” them and their tweets without unfollowing them permanently.  Choose a timeframe anywhere from a day to a month. Perfect for your more “verbose” tweeters.
5. TweetCube – Want to share audio, video or images on Twitter? TweetCube is a free file sharing service that lets you tweet larger files to your followers. Just a couple of clicks is all it takes to start sharing files through your TweetCube account.

6.  Twitterless – Thanks to a vigilant TwiTip user, we learned that a previous resource in our Top 10, Qwitter, is no longer sending out unfollow notices (even though their site is still up as of this article writing).  Fortunately, Twitterless offers the same unfollowed notification service at Qwitter – just follow @tless to sign up.

7. CoTweet – CoTweet lets multiple people at the same company manage their business Twitter accounts together while keeping tabs on their brand name and how it’s being used. CoTweet can also be used to assign tasks to different departments and follow up on results and feedback.

8. OutTwit – Microsoft Outlook is an indispensible part of the day for many individuals, businesses and organizations. OutTwit’s feature list is too numerous to list here, but suffice it to say that if you use Outlook, you can manage and post to your Twitter account directly from your Outlook interface. You can also track keywords and have the details sent to your email, even if you’re not following the original tweeter.

9. TweeTake – TweeTake lets you backup your entire Twitter account into a .CSV file (commonly opened with Microsoft Excel). Back up your tweets, followers and people you’re following in just a few minutes.  Since many people have lost followers in the past due to Twitter downtime, or you may want to refer to an older Tweet (Twitter doesn’t currently let you keep older tweets), TweeTake is a must-have tool for keeping a copy of your Twitter account should the inevitable happen!
10. Twitt(url)y – Twitt(url)y lets you instantly see what people are tweeting about and linking to. Track the hot trends instantly. A great source for possible blog entries and new followers since you can see who tweeted or re-tweeted the link as well as the URLs they used. You can also see how often the link was tweeted in a certain timeframe.

Just for Fun
There are a couple of Twitter tools I uncovered that are just plain fun to check out!
TweetWheel – See which of your Twitter friends know each other! If you have a large follower base, this may take time to load and only does the last 100 followers, but it’s interesting to see who’s following who and just how short the “degrees of separation” are between your followers.

TweetValue – How much is your Twitter account worth? As a sample, Barack Obama’s account is worth over $40,000 and Darren’s is worth $3,372.

TwitterGrader – How do you rank on Twitter? Check out your Twitter “grade” out of 100.
Try any or all of these Twitter services and applications and open up a whole new world of possibilities using everybody’s favorite 140-character website. Enjoy and let me know of any must-have Twitter tools I missed in your comments below!

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