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Efek Suara

Free Sound Effects
Sound effects include: Car Starts, Door Openings, Clongs, Coffee Pan, Creaks, Door Closings & Openings, Fan, Garage Door, Hanging & Picking Up Phone, Inserting Cassette, Key Sounds, Oven Door, Paper Pack, Pouring, Rain, Refrigetor, Toilet Flushing, Water Running and more.

Sound Jay's Free Sound Effects New
Professional, high quality sound effects. Background sounds, Human Sounds, Nature, Household, etc.
Simple The Best Sounds
Categories include: Animal, Industrial, Instruments, Mechanical, Nature, People, Transportation, Cartoon, Commerical, Event, Humor, Movies, TV Show.
SoundGator Sound Effects
Free high-quality mp3 sound effects in various categories. The database has more than 400 wav sounds for you to download. Categories include: Nature Sounds (rain, sea waves, river), Animal Sounds, Human Sounds, Crowd Sounds (restaurant, chatter, etc), Machine Sounds (appliances, computer, etc), Vehicle Sounds (police cars, metro, firetruck) and more.
Animals, Alarms, Sirens, Human Sounds, Vehicles, Machinery, Miscellaneous, Special Effects, Weather, and Baby Sounds.
Flash Kit Multimedia Resource Site
Thousands of sound effects and music loops for royalty free use. Click on Sound FX link. Categories include Ambience, Cartoon, Communication, Domestic, Electronic, Industrial Commercial, Instruments, Interfaces, Mayhem, Mechanical, Nature, People, Recreation, Transportation.
PacHD Free Sound Effects
Download sound effects free of charge for your video, film, audio and multimedia productions.
DeusX Sound Design
Free sound effects include: Beep, sci-fi, laser, harp, applause, welcome voice, warning voice, chopper, doorbell, pop, rattle, robot, dj scratch, shot, thump, kick drum, snare drum, drums, monster, synth hit, multi hit, cymbal, mosquito, rain, clap, engine, dial tone, squeaky, trumpet, metal plate, explosion, water shot, gun reload, drill, lock.
The Recordist - Free Sound Effects
The Recordist presents a collection of free sound effects for personal use in MP3 format. The effects are from The Recordist SFX Library and the "Special Edition". The MP3 stereo versions are high quality 44.1 compressed. Categories include: Aviation, Sci-fi and Military, Trains, Elements (Thunder, Wind, Water, Fire), Crashes and Foley, Industry, Autos and Vehicles, Doors and Structures, and Special Edition Sound Effects.
Categories include: Air & Steam, Beeps, Boinks & Boings, Chimes & Percussive, Clicks, Crackle & Crunch, Drips & Drops, Electrical, Fairies & Monsters, Fire, Friction, Future Bugs, Human Noise, Laser & Sci-fi, Machines, Mechanical, Musical, Plain Wierd, Pops, Stretch & Snap, Water, and Wind.

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