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5+ Bloggers Widgets and Tools For Blogspot Blogs

Blogger widgets play a very important role in giving Professonal look to bloggers blog,such widgets are also helpul in increasing page visits ,and for this blogger and many other blogger-widgets provider created many free widgets for blogspot user at regular interval,There are many useful widgets and scripts which you could use to add interactivity to your Blogger powered blog i have created a list of some most popular and commonly used widgets by bloggers :)

  • Recent Comment Widgets-First the most popular recent comment widgets , you will find this widget in allmost all blogger.you can add this widget directly into yours blogger blog,and you dont haveto do any edit in it.
  • Recent Post Widgets-This widgets is widely popular among all bloggers as it shows all details of yours past post ,it also play a very important role in increaing Page visit and attracting visitors towards yours blog content.
  • Google Talk on yours Blog-Now a days every one is dirctly or indirectly connected with social network sites like orkut,facebook,myspace etc ,and every one wants to connects with there friends and relatives,and also to there readers ,through these sites ,at present you can connets only with orkut friends through yours blog by adding Gtalk in yours blog .These widgets help you in conneting with yours friends and readers
  • Contact Us Widget -Insert Contact Us Widget inside yours blogspot webpage or any other webpage is really important as a professonel blogger.Lack Of this widget affects blogger readers and there income . This problem is common most among blogspot users as ther is no perfecContact Us Widget Via Kontactrt contact us widget .
  • Headline Post Ticker-Headline post ticker is great looking widgets but still it is not popular among all bloggers,This widget Display recent post in word by word marquee pattern, giving a professonel look to blogs,
  • Drop Down Menu Widget - Blogger Beta provides an easy way to create link lists even for those who don’t know HTML. But, there is no such functionality for drop-down menus. I found an interface, similar to that of Beta, with which you can easily create drop-down menus and add them to your blog with one-click!
  • Popular Post Widgets – This widget will help you displaying popular posts in yours bloggers home page.Blogs Or Post with more comments will get higher rank in popular post widgets i.e Widget Will Choose Popular post on the basis of comment.
  • Twitter Widgets - Are you a Twitter Users, Want to powered yours Bloggers Blogs with Twitter widgets, Use Twitter Blogger widget to display a Stylish widget inside yours blogger Blogs to attract readers.
  • Top Commenters widgets For Blogger – Top Commenters Widget enables you to display the names of the top ten people who comment on your blog. However the default installation does not remove your own name from this list.
  • Random Message Widgets – Create random message widget and put inside yours blgspot template at any place where you want to insert , gernerally inserted on top of blog post . The widget is created by Hackosphere.

The post will be updated at regular interval for any latest or new blogger widgets ,so keep visiting. :)

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