Senin, 03 Oktober 2011


Enjoy completing crosswords? Why not try the Free Online Crossword Compiler and make your own?

Our aim is to create a world wide network of Crossword compilers or creators that either create crosswords for purely fun or as a service.

The Crossword Compiler Features include creating you own templates, save up to 10 working crosswords and the ability to create US or American style and Freeform crosswords.
If you complete five or more crosswords you can create a profile of yourself as a Compiler to advertise your services.

Unlike other crossword compilers or crossword creators this one is online. You can create your own, dynamic, crosswords here and see them published online, accredited to you.

It's a simple free process of registering and you're away. There is a special version of Find and Fit, a comprehensive Thesaurus and Anagram Solver to help you compile your crosswords. Go here

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