Rabu, 29 Oktober 2008

Complete List of Blogger Widgets

Source: http://www.bloggerbuster.com

Here is a list of useful widgets which you can install to your Blogger layout directly from this site:
A Customized Twitter
Widgettalling this widget will add a customized Twitter updates widget to your Blogger layout.

Popular Posts (most commented) widget
This widget will list the ten most popular posts from your blog, based on the number of comments.

Top Commenters Widget
Displays a list of the most frequent commenters on your blog (see also how to filter your name from the top commenters list).

A New Year Banner for your blog
This widget will install a "New Year" banner ribbon to the top right hand corner of your blog.

A Christmas Banner for your blog
This widget will install a Christmas banner to the top right corner of your blog.

Recent Comments
Displays a list of the most recent comments made to your blog posts. May be customized to
display a snippet of the comment.

A "Time of Day" Image Greeting
Displays a different image greeting depending on the time of day.

Digital Clock Widget
Use this to add a digital clock to your blog layout.

Realtime Clock and Date Widget
Add a realtime clock and date widget to your Blogger layout with this easy to install widget.

A Simple Search Widget
This widget will add a simple search form to your layout which readers can use to search through your posts.

This list will be updated with new widgets as they are created.
To discover even more widgets, scripts and add-ons available to Blogger users, have a read through the Widgets and Add-ons section of this site.

If you have any ideas for other useful widgets, please let me know by leaving a comment below, or adding this suggestion to the Skribit widget (bottom of the sidebar) for others to vote on too.

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