Rabu, 21 Mei 2008

New Blogger Importer

Don’t call it a beta! This is the fourth version of the Blogger-to-WordPress blog migration tool. Does anyone else remember the original procedure with all of the settings and template changes? Ouch.

Thanks to the magic of Google APIs, the new importer works without modifying your New Blogger blog. If you haven’t upgraded your Blogger account yet, hop to it! Then you can copy your posts, comments and categories from Blogger into WordPress.

For blogs with multiple authors, it lets you assign each author’s posts to anyone registered on your WordPress blog. I put it through many tests and now it’s your turn. If you run into trouble, click the Feedback link in your admin pages and we’ll take a look. Just don’t tell us it’s too hard to use:

You’ll find it in the same old place: go to your dashboard, then click Manage, Import, Blogger. This new Blogger migration tool will also be included in the core WordPress package, most likely version 2.2.

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