Minggu, 13 April 2008


Stop running all over the internet to do a few simple blog tasks. Use our website to quickly make buttons, scramble your e-mail address, make quick rss links, or display Who's Online your website...sign up here

Button Maker
With the Blogflux Button Maker you can create your own 80x15 buttons without ever having to open a graphics editor like Photoshop. Each button you create has a variety of customization options to make them your own, and with a few simple clicks you.ll be ready to post the generated button on your blog in seconds.

Email Scramble
Wouldn't it be great if you could actually let your readers contact you without having to worry about spambot harvesting your email address? Using this tool you can do just that thanks to the power of Javascript. Any normal user will be able to contact you at any email address you like, while keeping that address hidden from spam harvesters.

Quick RSS links
Your readers shouldn't have to look at dozens of different RSS reader icons on your blog to subscribe to your RSS feed. Instead, with this simple tool you can create a more elegant solution that will take them to a variety of subscription options, while still keeping your blog clutter free.

Who's Online
Find out who.s visiting your website and where they.re from with this handy and simple tool from Blogflux.

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