Senin, 31 Maret 2008

Publish your blog into a book!

Backup Your Blog Before It is too Late: You have spent a lot of time as well as effort to keep running a successful blog. We know your ideas, your stories, and your thoughts are priceless. Wouldn't it be a disaster that one day all your blog entries are gone due to a hack attack or hardware failure on your blogging service provider? Use BlogCollector to backup all your blogs before it is too late.
Publish Your Blog into a Book: Guess what, many people do not feel comfortable to read blogs! They prefer classic elegant books. To reach these audience, you can publish your blog into a book with BlogCollector. And do not forget to print out one copy for Grandma. It's easy, and it's FREE!: You can use the Lite version FREE of charge. Also you might want to upgrade to a higher version for more here
windows xp/vista---- here
mac osx --------------here
linux -----------------here
solaris ----------------here
other os --------------here

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