Senin, 31 Desember 2007

New Tool For Blogger

These tool, Founded in . it arranged by miss Amanda fazani
These tool are
• Button Maker
Create your own 80x15 blog buttons for free using this great tool. No more fiddling with small images in Photoshop!
• Color Calculator
Find colors to suit your blog with this HEX/RGB color calculator.
• Email Scrambler
Prevent spam-bots getting your email address by scrambling your email links with this easy Javascript generator.
• Favicon Maker
Favicons are the tiny images which appear in your browser address bar when you visit different sites. Easily create your own favicons from your favorite JPEG images with this free Favicon maker. No more fiddling with tiny images in Photoshop!
• Blog/News Headlines widgets
Create headlines widgets from your blog or favorite news feeds. Great for highlighting your recent posts in your sidebar! Fully customizable, no branding or backlinks included.
• Free Pagerank Tools
Check your Google and Alexa pageranks, backlinks and more! You can even get a free Pagerank display for your blog which dynamically updates so you can be sure your Pagerank is up to date. • Blog Widgets
Coming soon: A selection of widgets for your blog, including time/date displays, recent comments, random images and more...

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