Selasa, 04 Desember 2007

Kontera Wordpress Plugin

Make money by displaying relevant in-text ads on your Wordpress blog. Now you can easily add Kontera��s in-text ads to your blog with the Kontera Wordpress Plugin in 3 easy steps.
  • Sign up for a Kontera Publisher account
  • download and Install the plugin
  • Set up your details, and start earning!

In order to use the Kontera Wordpress plugin, and to make money from Kontera��s in-text ads on your blog, you need a Kontera Publisher account. Signup.

About the Plugin
This plugin facilitates Kontera ContentLink ads. Once configured, the ads are added to your blog automatically.This plugin will work with both WordPress and WordPress MU. In the case of WordPress MU, the plugin allows the Site Administrator to configure revenue sharing.


  1. Put the kontera.php source code under wp-content/plugins in your wordpress installation.
    On your wordpress administration pages, navigate to ��Plugins�� and hit Activate next to the ��Kontera ContentLink�� plugin entry.
  2. Still in the administration pages, navigate to the ��Options�� page, and choose the newly create submenu ��Kontera Settings��.
  3. Select category names (separated by commas) where the Kontera ContentLink code should not be used (and thus hide the ContentLinks). This option is referred as ��Disabled categories��.
  4. Category names are case insensitive.

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