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AdSense Deluxe WordPress Plugin : Insert Google Adsense / Yahoo Ads into Blog Posts

Many readers have asked me how to insert Google Adsense or Yahoo ads inside blog posts, and I usually advise them that it can be easily done by tweaking and inserting your ad code inside your blog template.

But AdSense-Deluxe is a WordPress Plugin for quickly inserting Google or Yahoo! ads into your blog posts, and managing when and where those ads are displayed. You can use simple HTML comments for embedding AdSense or Yahoo! Publisher Network ads in a WordPress post, choose from any number of ad styles and format on a post-by-post basis and globally change ad styles.

An Integrated AdSense Preview tool helps you see what ads will appear on a given page and all settings are configured through WordPress Options interface so no knowledge of plugins or PHP is required. Requires WordPress 1.5+ and is installed like most other WordPress plugins.
There is much more to it than I can write about. Try it out and better optimize Adsense placement to make more money.

Insert Google Adsense in Blog Posts
I have often been asked about how to insert inside blog posts. If you see currently I have an adsense between the post title and post body. Read on…
I will stick to Blogger template to describe the procedure.

If you go to the template, look for - this is what creates your post body with all the content. To insert the code above or below the post is simple.If you insert the Adsense code above this tag, it goes between the blog post title and post body. If you insert the Adsense code below this tag, it goes beneath the post and above the post footer which has the permalink, post comments, email and similar links.

If you want to insert the Adsense code beside the post and wrap the post content around it - I use a table and align it to the right or left as required. This table code goes above the . Then add and it put the Adsense code between the tags. This will displace the post content and align Adsense with the post.

If you want to align the post content beside the post but not wrap it around the post content - either insert the Adsense code in the sidebar, or create a table with 2 columns. In one column put the and in the other column put the Adsense code.
How do you insert Adsense in you posts?

AdSense only in the first post of the page
AdSense ad in the body of the post, but only in the body of one post per page.Blogger provides an easy way of adding AdSense to your blog. The best place to put ads is to put them very close to the content - at the end or at the beginning of your post. Unfortunately, you cannot just copy-paste the Google code right after the <$BlogItemBody$>.

If you do so, ad will be shown in all your posts and Google permits only three ads per page.The solution is to have a small javascript that will output the actual code only once per page. That is, only in the first post of the index page.And the ad will also be shown in the permalink pages.

Paste the following code into your template right after the tag:

Then put the following code to somewhere around the <$BlogItemBody$>. Browse this blog pages to see how it looks like.

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